Worlwide Genocide (EP)

by Bakken

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5 track EP, 24 minutes.


released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Bakken UK

Classic metal from Ireland. New 5 track EP available for download here!

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Track Name: Judgement Day
This plight, eternal
Survive, no compromise
Innocence will wash away
Society corrupts you

Muscles weakening
Your eyes desensitised
March in time, tow the line
As the system controls you

Gradual decline
Animal instincts die
In the end we all come crawling

Stand trial before yourself on Judgement Day
Your choice dictates the fate of humans
Now, so close to the end
Suicide or a newer way
In the absence of fear
Riding the eye of the storm

Synthesised, mechanised
All natural bonds are breaking
All hail the modern age
Fake plastic fortress were making

The fools deny
The facts are cast aside
All sleep while the world is burning

You pay

Now time to watch your mother die
[Self destruct in t minus 5 seconds]
Track Name: Master Illusion
Blind march to a new world order
The altruist roots condemned
Growing monolith to glorify the poisoned hearts of men

Now your values will betray
Mass dissolution
With the rotten core unveiled
Behold the master illusion

The endless quest for profit
While watching the world decay
Beat down the competition
As you cry your life away

Now the walls come crashing down
Final conclusion
Cling on to the bitter end
False saviour
Master illusion

Go feed the fuel
Ignore the spreading rust
Polish the ego
Compassion turns to lust
Lets fan the fire
Lets watch our own homes burn
The final chapter of a lesson never learned

Like wildfire
Now suffocates
Parasites spread
Till the host is slain

Now the walls come crashing down
Final conclusion
Cling on to the bitter end, cannot transcend
The righteous fallocy, noble delusion
Democracy, the fantasy, the poison
The master illusion
Track Name: Evil Walks This Way
A sea of crushed ambitions
The meek receive no mercy here

No chance to break the mould
Your future has been sold
A festering moral decay

In isolation mutation survives
The malice lives on in their minds

Dont you stray too far, they're lurking in the dark
Take heed, you'd best be afraid
Beware, be careful where you tread
Cause my friend evil walks this way

The alpha male screams warfare
His troop will heed his battle cry

Retarded consciousness
All life becomes worthless
Hey, welcome to planet hate

Alienation, no hope of salvation,
A nation condemned to starve alone

The selfish way has won
Cancerous hate lives on
Condemned a slave until you die

Your dreams evaporate, aspiration betrayed
This fear will perpetuate
Beware the land of endless grey
Cause my friend evil walks this way
Track Name: Inescapable
This dogma will falter
Blind faith leads us astray

Accumulate wealth at any expense
So blinded by history you cannot see that this is your last chance

In rapture, now captured
Slaves by our own design

Multiply to keep the dream alive,
Let the selfish prosper, leave the weak to die

System failure, scales tip past the point of no return

[You'll burn]
You'll roast in the fire we created
Your greed the fuel to stoke the flames
[You pay]
You'll pay for the crimes of our fathers, to late to solve the error of their ways

Hypnotised denial, a sell out, the end of us all
Hide the truth until the end is inescapable
Track Name: Gaia
We march on through the endless pain
Cant see the forest burning
Increasing debt we've yet to pay
Obsessive addiction
Greed our ancient affliction

We turn to bite the hand that feeds
The severed chord lies bleeding
Slaves to our ever growing needs
She gasps for her last breath
Heralds in the spectre of death

Past the point of no return
The system starts to fail
A worldwide suicide
Our tragic fate is sealed

The truth is gagged and bound by greed
The selfish path we've chosen
Nurturing the poisoned seed
Cry of help not answered
We are the fatal cancer

From fire to floods
Rivers of human blood
Her vengeance raining from the skies
The clock strikes midnight

The cities in smoke
Poison antidote
All memories ripped and torn away
Of our mother we betrayed